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At Up-Up N Away, we know workplace cleanliness is important you and your employees and last thing you need to worry about is the daily cleaning your work place requires.   We offer a complete Day Porter Service program designed  to keep your business running smoothly.   Our Day Porter Technicians typically work from 6am to 3pm or 8am to 5pm; between 20 to 40 hours per week.  This program is excellent for multi-tenant properties or buildings that have at least 30,000 square feet. 


All the associated overhead of insurances, payroll taxes, workers compensation and liability insurance is taken care of by Up-Up N Away.  


If you work in an office, you can be exposed to over 10 million bacteria in a single day!



  • What does a commercial cleaning include?
    We understand that each customer is different and have different needs. No facility is the same. That's why we focus on the scope of work specifc to each client and their unique location(s). Not sure what you need, no worries! We customize a plan and schedule a walk-throug to make sure you get the plan that's right for you. There is NO job too big or too small for us. Call Today for a FREE Quote: (301) 799-2900
  • What's included in a basic cleaning?
    A basic or “regular” commercial cleaning program includes dusting and wiping, vacuuming, mopping, restroom disinfection and trash removal. At Up-Up N Away, we can customize a plan to meet your needs. If your facility needs extra services, you can supplement your office cleaning program with carpet cleaning, hard floor care, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, event cleanup and other specialty services.
  • Do you offer green cleaning services?
    At Up-Up N Away, we understand how vital it is to be kind to our planet. We are dedicated to doing our part, and helping you to do yours. We use many eco-friendly EPA-approved products in the services we render offering you peace of mind. In addition to using sustainable products, our equipment is energy efficient, and our staff is thoroughly trained on waist disposal and recycling. Call today for a free quote and consultation for more information on "green" cleaning solutions.
  • Do we need to provide cleaning products/materials or equipment?
    No. We provide all the cleaning equipment and products for "regular nightly cleanings." However, if you have some specific products or equipment you want us to use, please be sure to discuss this with your account manager in advance, so that we are able to coordinate with you as to how to acquire the product. Call 301-299-7900 today for more information.
  • How much does office cleaning cost?
    Commercial cleaning service pricing is based on size of your facility, frequency of service, complexity, building layout and your specific cleaning needs are a few factors that affect he cost. Special services, such as cleaning carpets, buffing or refinishing floors, or window washing, are offered at rates competitive in your market. We can customize a plan that fits your specific needs, call us today for a FREE quote, no obligation walk-through of your facility.
  • Do you provide hourly janitors?
    Yes we do! By outsourcing your janitorial services has been proven to save companies money. Up-Up N Away provides hourly PORTER services at your convenience and pricing is inclusive of all overhead costs.
  • Are you insured?
    Up-Up N Away, LLC carries a large insurance policy to ensure that you are covered for any incidentals. It is imperative for us to be able to provide security assurance to all of our clients. We carry General Liability coverage at $4 Million with additional Umbrella Liability at $9 Million. We also carry Worker’s Compensation at $1 Million for all of our accounts. If you require any further information, please reach out to your account manager or call us today.

Call us at1-301-799-2900.  For all question & Free estimates

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