Up-Up N Away, LLC have been trained in the most innovative cleaning techniques in the market.  No matter the workplace; we know disinfecting and sterilization are key in the prevention and spread of infectious diseases and bacteria commonly found in your workplace. 

The one thing all workplaces have in common is human touch; but not all workplace require the same type of cleaning.  No matter the workplace from school/day care facility, gym, government or court building; our focus is to provide consistent clean to promote the health and safety of your business.

You'll have the peace of mind you deserve ... when you partner with Up-Up N Away —we’ve got you covered!


Bacteria count increases up to 31% each day on surface which are not disinfected.


We provide 100% custom Commercial & Office Cleaning Services for any type of facility of any size.


    Government buildings have many high-trafficked areas 

    It is imperative that your have commercial janitorial cleaning company that can handle it.  At Up-Up- N Away, LLC, we understand the complexities and stringent requirements this type of account would warrant.   From local, state and federal buildings and offices, Up-Up N Away, is always prepared with a professional , thorough proposal , sales and implementation process to get you started.  or the to make the right proposal and continues services process as smooth as possible for our customers.


    Cleaning Businesses the Right Way! 

    Help reduce sick days and keep your employees healthy and productive all year.  Your office environment is where you spend over 50% of time and is home to unseen germs and bacteria that can be harmful to your employees.  Cleaning for appearance isn't enough anymore—Up-UP N Away creates customized cleaning plans that target high-touch areas, hard to reach areas, dusting and wiping, floor care, thorough restroom cleaning and trash removal, resulting in a clean fresh-smelling workplace.  One size-fits-all cleaning is not enough anymore, let Up-Up N Away create a cleaning program that's right for your workplace. 


    Meeting All Health/Safety Regulations & Guidelines 

    At Up-Up N Away,  meeting the many health and safety codes and guidelines associated with the cleaning requirement of restaurant is our primary concern.  Along with ensuring that your establishment remains bacteria-free and in constant pristine condition.  From the front to the back of house, we deliver a wide range of soluions for a clean, safe, and secure restaurant or bar. 


    Making A Good First Impression 

    In the competitive and fast-paced world of retail, it's imperative that you put your best foot forward with an immaculate showroom & retail space.  At Up-Up N Away, we want to help you create a positive customer experience that builds your brand and your reputation from the moment a customer steps foot in your store.  From major retailers to local boutiques, Up-Up N Away uses only the latest cleaning tools and techniques to combat dust, reduce disease-spreading germs and create a fresh-smelling shopping experience.


    Health Conscious Customers expect an Exceptional Clean

    Your customers take the time and effort in their well-being ... stands to reason your workout facilities should promote the health and safety of every individual working through the doors.  It's no secret gyms and fitness centers are more susceptible to spread COVID-19 ( Corona Virus) and many other contaminates due to high touch points and air quality during workouts.  Up-Up N Away uses only the latest cleaning tools and techniques to combat dust, reduce disease-spreading germs and create a fresh-smelling exercising experience. 


    Patient Care and Safety

    The health and safety of your patients and staff are your top priority ... making sure you have a sterile environment is ours.  At Up-Up N Away, we are specially equipped to handle the unique needs of medical facilities and our have undergone OSHA safety training and blood-borne pathogen training.  Our CORE cleaning system includes:  color-coded cleaning system prevents cross-contamination between restrooms and break rooms, waiting rooms, exam rooms and other office spaces.  And our staff know and follow requirements for proper use of chemical cleaning products and equipment.  Our EPA-approved cleaning technology improves Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) enhances patient care by eliminating the spread of germs among patients, workers and visitors. 


    High Productivity is Key!

    Large industrial facilities of more than 10,000 square feet have very different cleaning needs and requirements... we get that!  These facilities have a higher chance to spread germs and bacteria due the the close proximity of the worker/employees and can result in reduced productivity.  That's why at Up-Up N Away, we focus our attention to a deep level of clean and our cleaning experts can handle the most diverse industrial workplaces.

    In addition to routine janitorial services, we offer our proprietary deep cleaning & sanitization system to address some targeted areas: facility floor care, loading docks, storage facilities and warehouses.  We use a variety of methods to ensure your facility both healthy and safe including:  steam cleaning and pressure washing, anti-microbial fogging and sanitization of locker rooms and showers.  As a OSHA compliant company, safety guidelines are strictly adhered to.  Making Up-Up N Away, the ideal cleaner for your industrial facility, warehouse or showroom.


    Be Happy & Healthy

    We want to help create a happy & healthy learning environment for students and faculty.  We know the school ground is more susceptible to spreading bacteria & pathogen due the the close proximity in which student interact with each other daily.  The Up-Up N Away Core Cleaning Method will address the day-to-day cleaning which range from multi-color cleaning system to prevent cross-contamination to a reduction in poor air quality using only environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques such as anti-microbial fogging/misting.   This technique of cleaning will kill 99.99% of harmful germs, bacteria, spores to keep your staff and students of all ages safe.


    Make Your Showroom Shine ... Make it Safe!

    The car dealership is the showstopper and demands an impeccable shine.  But looking-good just isn't enough ... it needs to be impeccably clean as well as safe for all who walk through the doors.  Up-Up N Away, understands that you work hard for your good reputation and we want to work with you to maintain it; using only the latest cleaning tools and techniques on the market today our talent and trained staff are ready to combat dust, grime, and bacteria to make your showroom sparkle!



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